Surprise visit

I wake up at 5am to my sister’s call. We both were to go to her college. We get ready and catch the bus to reach the destination. we reached at 11. We had to collect her signed copy and get back home. But I could not tell her of my plans I had for the day. I drop my sister home and take a bus to my rented room. The clock had hit 6 but I still had to wait for another 4 hours. So I make some fast food and take a small nap so it could help me through night.  Phone beeps… I woke up blinking my eyes… To see Anupriya’s name flashing on the screen. What are you doing she asked! Nothing much just taking a nap… awake now. Wow its just 9 and you feel sleepy already, what would you do in night? I am coming to you. Seriously…? Don’t lie. I am kidding. Was feeling tired so I lied down and you found me sleeping. Kidding… ehh. Okay then good night I have to wake up early. Are you coming tomorrow? Yes! Of Corse. See you. Bye! Bye bye! I put my phone down and get up. It was already

Coffee Shop

Our mid-sem exams were going to start as we two are talking in cafeteria and enjoying the coffee. She asked me about everything'' fine cause I couldn’t make the call past night. So, I told her that sachin a friend of mine came  to my place. He has to submit his project to nipcid So, he wanted my help about topic he choose. Sachin!!! That guy always wandering with you, whenever, I saw you outside the class,I think he must be that guy, Anupriya confirms. As she raised her eyebrow and fanatic glanced on me. Her eyes seem full of naughtiness. I nodded my head to yes and stay cool as cucumber.    A girl from backside call anupriya by her name and said exam dates are on notice board and call her as their class gonna to be start soon. She took last sip of coffee and paid the bill as she lost the bet which is she betted on the night of marriage. Okay I gotta go now will meet soon. Bye… And she runs towards her department and I saw her till she disappear from

Cousin's marriage

It was my cousin sister’s marriage so I went to attend the marriage ceremony. Our whole family was there so me and my brother enjoyed different desserts that were later served to   barat. And then someone told us that the barat has arrived and we move towards the main gate where all the family members were present to welcome the barat. After performing few rituals, the groom enters the gate and start moving towards mandap where other rituals are to be taken place And then my phone rings… It was like a shock to me and my whole body starts shivering. I am not excepting that phone call at this time as  she already knows I’ m in the marriage then why she is calling me? Is there any problem? Is she misses me? And then, I put all the thoughts aside and picked up the phone. Hello… Hii… she replied Why did u call me? Can’t I? You can!!! But it’s not the right time to call. Oh… so when will be the right time to make a call? I don’t know. Okay then bye we will talk l

Walk with talk

When the class over, I wish her good morning. Good morning g, she replied. How are you? I said. Fantastic, she replied. She starts blushing and a smile came on her face, there are tons of conversations that are happening between our eyes but nobody understands it. We both move towards our classes. Now I starts thinking about Anupriya all the time whenever I feel lonely and my mind sing a song… kese mujhe tum mil gaye… kismat ko aaye na yakeen. Whenever I close my eyes then her cute smiling face appears in front of me.  And her cute smile makes me mesmerize as I have never felt like this before. I wish we can talk to each other whole day and night but I know it’s not possible. But still I want to talk to her because you cannot control your mind and feelings.  Just a small talk can makes me happy but still I want more!! So I think let’s take our friendship to the next level and propose her for a relationship. I never miss the opportunity to sit near her whenever I find
We are imprisoned in the realm of life, like a sailor on his tiny boat, on an infinite ocean.

First meeting

When is your birthday? She asks me. 6 th of      July I said, What??? (Are u kidding or u think I’ m fool. How it is possible that our birthday falls on same date, is he lying to me or is it true? ) 6 th of July, I said Really is it so? Yeah my birthday is on 6th of July Mine too. Same here ... really then we have come on the earth same day? It’s unbelievable I can’t imagine. Let’s go... it’s already too late. She told me to leave the class because it’s already 5 pm but few of us are still in the campus. So we leave the campus and start walking with other classmates. After walking about 100 meters, at a square they left us and we two are start moving towards our hostels.   While coming back to home … A series of questions are traveling in my mind… What she thinks about me? Am I looking cute? Is she also having crush on me? Is this right to ask that is she has any bf? Is it too early? Can I ask her or not? Is this ethically right to ask he